Calcium Nitrate Ca(NO₃)₂

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  • Fully Water Soluble
  • Nitrogen and Calcium
  • NPK 15.5-0-0
  • 19% Ca

Fine granular material which dissolves quickly in water without any residues. Free of chlorine and sodium. Provides all the benefits of fast-acting highly available nitrogen, with the improved harvest quality characteristics of calcium, this ensures that growth is maximized and produce quality is not compromised. Can be mixed with other water soluble fertilizers, except concentrated stock solutions containing phosphate or sulfate. Can be used to raise media pH and to reduce ammonium, sodium and high micronutrient levels 

Nitrate nitrogen
• Directly available for plant uptake, resulting in fast and predictable growth responses.
• None volatile nor adsorbed to soil particles, leaving it readily available to plants.
• The preferred nitrogen source for most horticultural and high value agricultural crops.
• Improves the plant uptake of the cations potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Calcium improves
• Cell wall strength, leading to better quality, shelf life and lifting marketable crop yields.
• Cell wall strength, helping plants tolerate disease and insect infection.
• Soil structure, helping to maintain an optimum root environment for high yielding crops.

Can be mixed with all water soluble fertilizers, except stock solutions containing either phosphate or sulphate.

High purity
Free of chlorine, sodium and heavy metals.

Product Specification
15.5% Total N
14.4% Nitrate N
1.1% Ammoniacal N
19% Calcium Ca (26.3% CaO)