EM-1 Microbial Inoculant 1 Liter

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  • Genuine Effective Microorganisms
  • Yeasts, Lactic Acid Bacteria and Photosynthetic Bacteria
  • Promotes Rapid Multiplication of Beneficial Microorganisms
  • Organic Product for Agriculture, Livestock and Aquaculture
  • Technology License from EMRO Japan


EM-1 is an eco-friendly microbial product. EM-1 can be used for agriculture, livestock, aquaculture, and microbial composition that is safe for human and animal life and for nature. Foster healthy soils and optimal growth conditions for plants, enabling high yield and good quality crops.

EM-1 is a living culture, therefore the container with EM-1 may expand and shrink. and white flakes may appear on the surface. Some sediment at the bottom of bottle is normal. EM-1 is produced under the license of EMRO Japan.

Usage Guide:

Mix 1 part EM-1 per 500 parts of water in water can, sprayer or through existing irrigation system in agriculture.