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27 Nov 2021

CityFarm Stories

What Can be Planted with Hydroponic Method?

What Can be Planted with Hydroponic Method? 1

Three type of plants that can be planted with hydroponic method
What is Indoor Hydroponic

What is Indoor Hydroponic 1

Explanation of indoor hydroponic growing method
Solid Fertiliser Guide

Solid Fertiliser Guide 0

1 liter of fertiliser is not enough to feed your plants? We have just the right thing for you! Get your share of our Solid Fertiliser and it's very easy to mix! Just follow these guidelines we've prepared:  BUY NOW
  • Shirley Goh
Germination Sponge Guide

Germination Sponge Guide 0

Looking for a clean and comfy bed for your seeds to germinate? Our germination sponge provides all of that. Check out this post to learn how to use them:  BUY NOW 
  • Shirley Goh
pH Meter Calibration Guideline

pH Meter Calibration Guideline 0

Follow through these simplified steps to calibrate your pH Meter:  BUY NOW 
  • Shirley Goh
Liquid Fertiliser Guide

Liquid Fertiliser Guide 0

It's easy to prepare your plant's feeding fertiliser! Just follow through these instructions to prepare the nutrient stock for your plants:  BUY NOW 
  • Shirley Goh