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CityFarm 2017 Milestones

CityFarm 2017 Milestones

Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you all for your loyalty and support towards us throughout this year.  Here are some of the highlights of CityFarm in 2017. We hope you'll enjoy this and remember to redeem your promo code at the end!
Hydroponics/Vertical Farming Pump System Guideline

Hydroponics/Vertical Farming Pump System Guideline

We are starting a series of videos of How Tos and guidelines with the aim of equipping green horn City Farmer with knowledge to start their farming journey.

Start your farming journey with our farm set as low as RM9.90

Start your farming journey with our farm set as low as RM9.90

To realize CityFarm's vision - Bring simple and affordable farming system into cities with the purpose of addressing potential food crisis issue in the future.
We are ready with a different range of products to help busy city citizen kick start their farming journey.
  1. City Window Farm (All inclusive beginner set) at RM9.90
  2. City Balcony Farm at RM179.90
  3. CityFarm Green Wall at RM499.90
  4. Customizable Indoor/Outdoor Farming System - FREE Consultation

Urbarn Farming Set

Join us and be a city farmer now!

We are live! CityFarm Malaysia Soft Launch

We are live! CityFarm Malaysia Soft Launch

After months of hard work preparation our new vertical farm vertical is finally ready. This small scale controlled environment vertical farm sits in an area of just 450 sqf also serve as a show farm is capable to producing 2000 heads of lettuce every month. Most of the operations like temperature control, lighting operation, pump control are automated thus require minimum human intervention.

Office/Store front view

office view

Grow room view

curious visitor taking picutes

Relaxation area with grass flooring

resting area grass plains

A portion of our very first batch of greens grown in Cityfarm Malaysia.

cityfarm produce

A big thank you to all who came and supported us

cityfarm sign board

Hydroponics - How does it works?

Hydroponics - How does it works?

Lately we have gotten many enquiries from new CityFarmers wanted to try their hands on vertical farming.

Here is an infographic hopefully will answer your burning questions like:

How does the plan grow without soil?

What do you grow your plants on?

Do I need add fertilizer?

Hydroponics - how does it works?

May 2016 Harvest

May 2016 Harvest

http://Growth of CityFarm batch 8 from 6th May to 1st June 2016.
Light: MYRAY Horticulture Grow Light + Philips GreenPower LED production module