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[Passion Portraits] Urban Homes Can Now Have Farms


Being a farmer was never part of the plan. Having studied and majored in fields like software engineering and electronics, Jayden and Johanson didn't think they would see their spontaneous hobby and interest in hydroponics grow into a company they now call CityFarm, which they run with another friend, Choon Beng. Their love for planting vegetables led them to realise that there was a greater, deeper global issue that needed addressing. After much trial and error, they eventually grew a platform that now encourages Malaysians to pick up urban farming.

We at Passion Portraits are constantly inspired by the many stories we hear of other passion-driven individuals in our community. In this episode of our Pp Original Series, we would like to celebrate and introduce to you the people behind CityFarm. By sharing these stories, we hope that you too would be encouraged and inspired by their endeavours.

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  • Choon Beng Looi