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[New Straits Times] Central i-City transforms its rooftop into an eco-friendly urban farm

[New Straits Times] Central i-City transforms its rooftop into an eco-friendly urban farm

Central i-City and CityFarm Malaysia have formed a partnership to encourage city dwellers to consider sustainable urban farming solutions and to grow locally from anywhere.

To begin, the shopping mall's vacant roof space has been transformed into an eco-friendly urban farm with the assistance of CityFarm Malaysia.

City Rooftop Farm houses the nation's first rooftop premium melon farming as its core cultivation to start the initial phase of this effort.

The selection of premium melon as its primary crop aligns with the Selangor state government's strategy, as outlined in the Selangor Agro Transformation Plan policy, of cultivating high-value farm-fresh produce for its potential in local premium markets.

"As an integral part of i-City, we aim to be a lifestyle hub, committed to the community around us, and will continue ongoing efforts to build a sustainable ecosystem for all," said Central i-City chief operating officer Anthony Dylan.

He said that this initiative will serve as a catalyst, assisting local small businesses in creating a pathway for everyone to become more involved in sustainable farming, beginning with the Urban Farming Festival 2022.

"We take pride in being a driving force in the urban farming scene, specialising in affordable hydroponics systems and now, rooftop farming," he said.


Source: https://www.nst.com.my/property/2022/06/803908/central-i-city-transforms-its-rooftop-eco-friendly-urban-farm

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