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[e27] 57 rising Asian startups


The startup paradigm is not only changing our economies and influencing work culture, it is also increasingly transforming our daily lives. While global Entrepreneurship is at an all-time high, the interactions between regional ecosystems is still limited.

If you asked the average French startup founder to name a Chinese unicorn they probably couldn’t (although to be fair the name Didi Chuxing did filter through to US/Europe since Uber’s defeat in China) and definitely couldn’t, if you asked them the same question about Singapore. Conversely, the average Singaporean entrepreneur wouldn’t be able to name a French Unicorn (The country and the city both have 2, despite France having 12 times the population of Singapore).

While being an expert on unicorns isn’t much help to most entrepreneurs, it illustrates the underlying problem: startup ecosystems are thriving all around the globe with little or no communication between them.

We decided to take action, and are excited to announce that e27 and Startup Trackerare joining forces! From now on, e27 data can be found on Startup Tracker alongside Crunchbase, Product Hunt, and many others.

To celebrate, we put together a list of 57 startups from the 19 largest countries of the South and East of Asia you should keep an eye on (North Korea was skipped due to lack of available data).


Emerging | Population ~31M

Image from f11photo / 123RF

123RF – One of the world’s largest digital stock agency

CityFarm – Hydroponic technology that allows soil-less farming in urban centers.

ServisHero – An on-demand services marketplace where you can find and hire trusted service providers for your home and office needs.

Original Article: https://e27.co/57-rising-asian-startups-20170216/


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