Midorie Pafcal

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  • Genuine Product by Suntory Japan
  • Derived from Organic Plant Material
  • Good Oxygenation for Root
  • Japan 8 Years R&D Product


The soilless Pafcal Sponge for Indoor Plants:

Pafcal has unique qualities which make it the perfect choice for growing healthy indoor plants for the home and office.

Watering just once a week

Pafcal has a unique absorbent quality to redistribute the water evenly within itself, throughout the week.  It even does this in a way such that there will be an optimal ratio of water to air, for the plant's roots.  Roots need oxygen for healthy growth, especially in low-light indoor environments.  This optimal amount of water & air helps seeds germinate more successfully and quicker too.

Pafcal vs Soil

Sterilized and Clean

Pafcal is a soilless neutral material in itself and does not contain bacteria, pathogens or mold spores which thrive in soil.  It has a soft and moist texture, and is fun to touch.  Bugs are not attracted to it because there is no decomposing matter for them to feed on.

No spillage of dirt and muddy water

You're rushing back to your desk after an over-run meeting, to catch a lunch appointment.  Plonking your files and laptop on the desk in a hurry, you accidentally knock over the Pafcal plant, but no dirty mess is created.  


Place the Pafcal Cube in any pot of your choice, without drainage holes.  Add water up to 2-3cm in height, and let the Pafcal Cube absorb all the water in 1-2 hours.  There will not be any standing water left, as Pafcal is super absorbent.  Watering can be done once every 4-7 days, or longer if still moist to the touch.

You can cut the Pafcal to fit in your plant roots, if they are larger in size.  If you are trimming your plant roots, please place the Pafcal Cube in a cooler environment for 2 weeks to minimize water loss by the plant.  Your plant roots will have regrown its root-hairs sufficiently after this period.

Herb cuttings can be transplanted directly into a moist Pafcal Cube directly.  Roots will grow into the Pafcal Cube within 2 weeks.