Expanded Clay Aggregate Pebbles (1Kg)

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Expanded Clay Aggregate pebbles main use is as a hydroponic growing media in flood and drain and dripper hydroponics systems. Clay pebbles can also be mixed with other hydroponic growing media like Coco or Soil to give better aeration. To create better drainage when growing in pots add a layer of Clay pebbles in the bottom.
Many growers use clay pebbles as a hydroponic growing media because they have excellent aeration and drainage properties.  Clay pebbles are a clean, ph stable, and can be reused a couple of times before they need to be replaced.

What is the best hydroponics system for clay pebbles?
Flood and drain or a dripper system will deliver the fast growth rates and yields using clay pebbles.

What are clay pebbles made from?
The centre of a clay pebble is honeycomb to make it light weight and the outside of a clay pebble is covered in a thin layer of solid clay making them suitable for use in hydroponics.
Tired of looking at dirty soil on the top of house plants in pots why not use some clay pebbles to make it look more attractive.